My articles are not showed at LingQ, in blog section

Hi, I would like to ask you why my articles (from my blog) are not showed here at LingQ in blog section. A few days ago, my articles were showed, everything was all right, but not any more. Where is the problem? :slight_smile:
Thank you.

That happens sometimes when other members are active, too. There is only one page of blogs shown.

One way for us to see your blogs is to change “all countries” on the Friends’ page to “all” and “Czech Republic” to make sure to see your blogs, and there you are with all your latest podcasts!

It is very interesting to see them. Occasionally I am able to decipher a word.

SanneT: Hi :slight_smile: Thank you for your answer…yeah, I use the filter for that…but you know…there are all my articles that I publisthed - but up to a few days ago. There are not showed perhaps 5 articles. My new articles are not showed any more, thats strange. I started writing the blog because of learners, not because of me :slight_smile:
I understand that it depends on the active people…but it should be seen when I use the filter for the Czech Republic…but believe me, I have tried it…I use the function all the time :slight_smile:

I just now checked the blogs under Friends Czech Republic All contributors and I can see 10 of your articles. I don’t know why you can’t see them.

Remember, one page only is ever shown, so your earlier articles will have to be accessed by going to your website.

SanneT: I can see there my “old” articles (you can notice dates of each article)

Co mi způsobila gramatika? by TheDoctor , 2010-07-14
Jsem závislák na studiu jazyků! by TheDoctor , 2010-07-13
Jsem REBEL! Odpojil jsem se od těch „normálních“ lidí a stal jsem se členem komunity lingvistů by TheDoctor, 2010-07-11
The Linguist: Osobní průvodce učením se jazyků, 02. Úvod. Jsi lingvista? by TheDoctor , 2010-07-11
Vzpomínka na mou úroveň angličtiny přesně před rokem a zamyšlení se nad tím by TheDoctor , 2010-07-10
Opakovat, ale hlavně se nenudit! by TheDoctor , 2010-07-10
Pravidelné opakování stejných nahrávek – klíč k úspěchu by TheDoctor , 2010-07-09
Klíč k úspěchu je v pravidelném opakování by TheDoctor , 2010-07-08
ČTENÍ cizojazyčných textů - využití LINGQ SYSTÉMU, 3. část by TheDoctor , 2010-07-07
ČTENÍ cizojazyčných textů - využití LINGQ SYSTÉMU, 2. část by TheDoctor , 2010-07-07

But I cant see my new articles:
Dvoujazyčné texty či knihy, 2010-07-17
The Linguist: Osobní průvodce učením se jazyků, 50. Jak se učit jazyk. Čtení, 2010-07-16
The Linguist: Osobní průvodce učením se jazyků, 49. Jak se učit jazyk. Poslouchání, 2010-07-15
The Linguist: Osobní průvodce učením se jazyků. Jak se učit jazyk. Zaměř se na “input”, 2010-07-14

The articles are sorted according to dates, so the new one should be on the top. The last article I can see is Co mi způsobila gramatika? by TheDoctor , 2010-07-14" as mentioned above, but there should be other 4 articles :slight_smile:

Now I understand your concern: they are somewhere stuck in the system… The best people to reply in that case are indeed the chaps (and chapesses?) from LingQ Support: over to them!

Good luck with finding the missing blogs!

SanneT: thank you for your comments :slight_smile: I don’t mind about the missing articles…but my concern is if my articles will ever seen at LingQ :slight_smile: It might be some error, or…I have no idea :slight_smile:

@TheDoctor - That seems strange. Have you tried deleting your blog url from the Settings page and then saving the page. Then, re-entering your blog url and saving again. It may reset things.

Hi Mark, thank you for answer. I can try it. Hopefully it will work. Thank you.

Mark, it is working now, all my articles are showed in blog section. Thank you very much.