My aproach to importing DRM-Ebooks into LingQ

Hello all,

since there are a lot of people who want to read their Kindle-Ebooks or other DRM-Ebooks on LingQ, I will share my technique which doesnt need some fancy tools or conversions.

My aproach uses two tools:

  1. An OCR Screenshot scanner. (12$ but 15 day free trial) Link:
    Or a free open source program:

  2. Makro Tool (free): I use Macro Recorder

Now when you want to upload a DRM Book open it in some reader of your choice. Like for example kindle cloud reader for kindle books.
Then you start the OCR program, select the language of the book and make a screenshot of the text. The Text will now be copied to your clipboard or directly imported into a textfile.
This process can be automated with the Makro tool.

With this aproach I can import a book with 500 pages in round about 15 - 20 min. Without doing anything, because the makro does everything for me.
I know is not optimal but now you can import any ebook regardless of DRM or no DRM.

I hope this will help someone. For me it was a game changer.

I made a YouTube Video where I explain this in more detail:

Have a nice day


Hi, Satorii!

Interesting workaround. Thanks for sharing!

Have a nice day

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Pretty sweet hack!
I’ve used a different OCR tool that’s free Not sure if it would work with the macro recorder strategy? It involves positioning the mouse and selecting the text? Anyway…potentially a solutions if someone is looking for a free OCR tool and wants to try it out.


A youtube video tutorial on step by step procedure would be awesome showing how to implement it.


A great thank you! I didn`t know that tool. It seems a little bit slower as the other program on my texts. But its free and works great. And it will work just aswell with the macro method.

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I`ll try to record a video of my workflow :slight_smile:

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Done. Here is the link: - YouTube


Awesome. Thanks Satorii!


Is there any free OCR Screenshot Scanner? I tried searching, but most scanning apps only allow a free trial of 7 to 15 days, for example, CamScanner

If you just want to import Kindle e-books into LingQ, this approach is much faster than OCR:

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I’d follow Peter’s link and give that a try first if it’s a kindle book, but if you somehow are finding that not working (pay attention to the kindle version and that it doesn’t auto update)… then this is a link to some free OCR scanner I’ve used in the past.

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I’d follow Peter’s link and give that a try first if it’s a kindle book