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I’ve paid for a basic account since 25th October to 25th November. Today a downgraded my account to free so when the 25th arrive it would’t automatically pay for another month (as happened the first time). Now I see that even I have paid for it, I have no longer able to import lesson or create Lingqs.

Am I not supposed to get access to these features?

@Lba - Yes, your account is downgraded right away when you downgrade to Free. There are warnings letting you know this when you cancel. I’m sorry about that but there are technical reasons why this has to happen. When you downgrade to free all your payment information is deleted including your billing date which means your end date (billing date) is lost.

Hi Mark, I know this rule because I’ve translated the FAQ into German.

But in fact, I think to do it this way is quite unusual, and (in the long run) you should think about another possibility how you deal with this problem. I’m a software developer too, and I know that it is not easy to change such things, but I for myself often cancel things in advance. The reason is that I don’t want to forget it.

*“I AM not longer able to…” Sorry about that, I was about to say “I have no longer access to…”

Well, it’s a shame. Not fair, but a shame. Next time I’ll be more careful when changing my settings.

PS: Vera, I was enjoying your collection :wink:

Thank you. I’m glad that you was enjoying it. If you reach Intermediate 1 (or high Beginner 2) level you should try “Veras Tagebuch” which contains the same stories written with more words, and a more challenging way.

To put things in perspective, Lba,we are talking about you not being able to add words and phrases to your data base, and not be able to Quick Import or use the iLingQ app for the last 9 days out of the full month. These are services for which you paid $10 for the month.

However, you can still enjoy most of the features of the site. You can still listen to and read Vera’s collection. You can even delete words to get below the 100 maximum level for a while, or you can stop LingQing for a while but continue using all the content, and then on the 25th of the month you can decide to start up again as a Basic member or continue Free. And all your saved words are still there for you, so that if you upgrade, you can once again enjoy the full benefits of being a Basic member, and seeing your yellow words in your texts etc.


Downgrading to Free means you must have had to come across an extra page that we created to specifically warn you of this. The warning on the page states:
“Please Note: If you downgrade to Free, your membership will be downgraded instantly. To use up the time you have paid for, downgrade on the last day before your billing date.”

We added this page recently to make this point especially clear and with the intention of allowing users to get their full money’s worth when using a paid membership.
Unfortunately, as Mark said, there’s a specific reason why you are downgraded immediately. However, we had hoped (and still do hope) that this new filter page would prevent misunderstandings like this.