My account was perhaps auto-spammed... how to erase a posting?

My account was perhaps auto-spammed by some on line sex spammer

“[baby4love] May 11 1:36 p.m.
Daerest One My name is miss mary, i saw your profile today and became intrested in you”

How do I get this off of my wall? It is annoying and does not reflect well on my character for visitors!

It is very annoying but given our limited resources and other issues we have not addressed the question of how to remove it. One thing you could do is to write a lot of messages on your wall, a little diary of your learning in short snippets and thereby push baby4love down your wall. Everyone has the same problem.

If there are other solutions that do not involve our programmers I would be interested in hearing.

Oh my god! Thank you for the quick reply and good suggestion, Steve. I am new to the site, but knew of you years ago before Macs were supported. Your efforts are a Gift toward world peace and you will be fondly remembered by generations to come. How awesome a legacy.

Me too, I’m interested!

Just kidding :wink:

En tout cas, bon courage dans l’apprentissage du français! :slight_smile: