My account vanished

I signed up an hour ago for the basic account and everything was fine and now you’re telling me I only have the free account. What happened?

Hi Steve13,

We’re trying to figure out what has happened. Give us a few hours to get this sorted out. I’m very sorry about this. It’s related to the site update we did on two days ago.

@ Steve13 - That problem should be fixed now. Please try again.

I’ve logged out and back in and cleared my browsing history but it’s still telling me I’ve reached my 100 LingQ’s limit and I’ve lost my 500 sign up points.

@steve13 - Try again now. There was an additional issue with your account because your payment was made through Paypal but it I’ve adjusted it and it should be working now.

Update - the 500 points have returned and my accounts page says basic but I’m still stuck at 100 LingQ

Still considers me a free user when I try to exceed 100 LingQ’s

Sorry Steve. Looks like something strange with your account. Give us a little more time.

same issue here Я Оплатил Доступ, Но Все Равно Пишет - Достигнут Лимит Ли...

No problems this morning, Everything is working fine. Thank you for helping me out and the fast response.

I’m glad! Sorry for all the trouble.