My 90 Day Challenge

My targets are no longer showing up on my 90 Day Challenge page. I am enjoying the challenge, and it has inspired me to change my LingQ habits which has improved my learning, but I no longer see the targets and my progress in reaching my targets. I assume my learning is still being tracked, but I miss seeing the targets.

Yes, so do I. I have already informed lingq support and they replied that it is a known issue and they are working on resolving it. So I hope it will be resolved soon.

Same here. It’s probably because of Donald Trump or Aliens.


Definitely the chemtrails. The chemtrails. Or flat earth. One of the two.

We are indeed working on this issue, Louise . Sorry for the inconvenience.

I’m happy to hear the challenge has improved your learning! What are you studying? In our current challenge competition you can win a month or three months premium LingQ membership. You can find the details in this blog post in the LingQ blog if you’re interested: Earn While You Learn in the 90-Day Challenge! - LingQ Blog