Music import

Is it possible to import from music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify?

Yes! But due to the DRM protection of Spotify songs, you may need a tool to remove the protection first and then convert your wanted songs into MP3 format. I tried AudBite Spotify Music Converter. So far so good! You can choose the output format based on your interest. Also, you can keep the audio in its highest quality available. Sounds quite fun, right? :smiley:

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Hi Czenco, it’s actually possible to convert songs from those platforms. And it’s not legally forbidden if it’s for your own use but not for business. But you must solve the DRM problem if you want to download those songs from Apple Music or Spotify. Taking Spotify as an example, Spotify’s offline songs are encrypted and stored within the Spotify app itself, and they can only be played within the Spotify app. However, some 3rd-party tools such as DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter could help. You could click the article to have a deeper view. Spotify to MP3 Converter Recommendations(2023 Update)


Yes, it’s definitely possible. To import music from Spotify or other streaming media, you may need a tool to convert the Spotify songs to mp3 format or other formats first. You can then import them to any platform you want. Spotify Music Unlocker is one of the most recommended tool. It provide a comprehensive guide for first-time user, so that’s easy to use.

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Hello! Yes it is possible how ever it requires a third party site/app which I don’t recommend it that much but if it’s safe, you can. But some sites are pretty sketchy. personally those streaming services (i use spotify) are pretty cheap so I just do a yearly or monthly subscription to them. I’m a huge music lover, I usually play games while listening to music.

That’s possible. Because of the DRM-protected tracks from Apple Music, you can only stream them on the app. Unless you can get rid of the DRM, you can import them to wherever you want (if formats are compatible ).

Here is the guide.(For self use only)