Multitran dicitionary problem

Hello, I’ve just started using Lingq today and I am having a problem. I added as my dictionary, and somehow it became my first dictionary. The problem is that when I am trying to go to Dictionaries the browser instead is loading in the same window and I can’t stop it. I also wasn’t able to find a way to delete it from the list of my dictionaries, because the moment I go there I am instead on miltitran web site. Thanks for your help.

P.S. I saw some threads where people were having the same problems with some other dictionaries, but there wasn’t a clear answer what to do.

I also tried to do something in three different browsers - Chrome, Safari and IE 9, but it is all the same

@Llywelyn - Sorry for the trouble. As mentioned in the response to your email, we’ve now set this dictionary to open up in a popup so it should work properly now.

Great news! Thank you very much!