Multiple Playlists

I listen to a lot of different content, sometimes that includes books, news broadcasts, podcasts, etc. I love the playlist option, I often listen a lot during my freetime. Sometimes I would love to compile my own custom playlists for certain content. Would this be possible to implement ?


A very good idea. I, also, would like to have multiple playlists.


I’m afraid this is not something we are planning to do anytime soon. We did enable the playing of individual courses which could work for you if you aren’t looking to mix lessons from different courses. Or, if you are importing this content, import it in one playlist and then listen to it using the course audio feature.

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Thank you for the quick reply. Because listening is such a key part of learning, having a selection of listening options would be helpful. The course listening option is a good option and I will use it. Thank you.

Would definitely like to see this added to a wishlist. It would be a huge quality of life improvement.

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