Multiple meanings on a flash card

Could an option be added to show all saved meanings of a wordform on a flashcard? For homonyms I like to keep the meanings separate and with just 1 displayed meanings it now often shows a wrong meaning for an example / clozure sentence.


Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. We don’t have that in plans at the moment, it’s not an easy feature to implement. But we will add your suggestion to our wishlist and we’ll see what we can do in future updates.

Thank you for your reaction Zoran.

I wonder, why isn’t it an easy feature to implement though? Multiple saved meanings are already displayed on the lingq itself, so they are available in the data structure and would just need to be shown on the flashcard when the corresponding config setting is on.

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I absolutely second that.

If we could have multiple meanings displayed in sentence mode, that would be great too. I am learning Korean and often come across words which mean many different things. Given that only the first meaning is displayed beneath the sentence, I often end up with meanings that have nothing to do with the sentence in question. e.g I see 배 as meaning “stomach” when in the context of the sentence it actually means “jealousy”. :roll_eyes:

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this suggestion is definetly what i need. I am a native turkish speaker. Now i am learning swedish. when i create LinqQs , mostly one turkish meaning , one english meaning and adding also one swedish word changes ( for example , infitive-present-past-perfect tense forms of a verb) to meanings or note section. But when i study as flashcards , one of these meanings appears only. Also i cant decide which one should appear.