Multiple Languages at Once

This question is exactly the one that I was wondering these days. I even was thinking about create a new topic to ask about it.
I came for Lingq with the main objective to learn two languages: English and French.
These are the languages which I have a particular admiration.
Thus, I started with english and now I already can fell a certain improvement, so a was wondering if it’s already the right time to start with french.
After think about, I guess that maybe I’m not on THAT point yet.
Like one member on Lingq Forum said: " Multitasking generally doesn’t work. It’s NOT very efficient, Divided attention is weaker attention."
And this case I agree with this opnion.
Of course that I’m speaking for myself, mine opnion.
And you, what you think about it?
Sorry for the bad English, let’s say: “I speak wrong but I speak…” : )

Hi Alisson.
To tell the truth, you’re not the first person who asks this question on the forum.
I think, it’s really depends on your learning style and period of time you can spend on languages. Of course, if you have only one or two hours a day, it would be better to focus on the one particular language.
Sometimes I wish I could spend all my spare time with English or Spanish or only French, but I know that’s impossible for me now. On the other hand, if you learn a language for many years and want to add another one - it’s alright. I even met a person who thinks that learning a few languages at the same time is the most effective learning style.
By the way, your English is absolutely understandable, so you have nothing to apologize for.

Yeah, I agree. If you’ve only got a short amount of time, one at a time is best. I’ve got 10+ hours - I do 3.

Try to see what works best for you.

I do at least 2 seriously. I’m a person with a good memory and no job. xD
My language learning really only has to compete with my school work, socializing, and procrastination.

Like today, I have a chapter of math problems and a study guide to complete for algebra before the test tomorrow. Some neglecting is getting done tonight in the language department.