Multiple hints not shown in flashcards

Hello, I sometimes add multiple hints to my LingQs (when the word has multiple meanings, for example), but only the first hint is displayed in flashcards (which is somewhat annoying, since it usually does not correspond to the meaning I am currently learning). Would it be possible to show all saved hints?

The multiple hints are actually intended for saving hints in multiple languages. For hints in the same language, you might want to try separating definitions with a comma or a semicolon, as this will make things a lot easier :slight_smile:

Well, I use it this way as well. For example, I sometimes save a definition in the language I am learning and also a translation into some language I speak. Anyway, only the first hint is shown. Also, if the hint is a definition in the language being learned, it’s usually quite long. If there is another meaning, it is not possible to add the definition to the first hint since the system doesn’t allow me to save strings that are so long (and it would also not be practical to have it written after another long definition).

We’ve had requests for longer hint fields in the past, and we actually did increase the character limit some months ago. However, once it passes a certain length it affects the formatting when using the cloze test, flashcards, etc. This is the same reason that only one hint is shown, as multiple hints don’t fit into the flashcards and other tests.

In the future we’ll see if we can do more to better accommodate multiple hints for the same term.

Ok, thanks for the info.