Multiple choice flash cards

Is there anyway to have 8 choices instead of 4 in the multiple choice cards? It would reduce by 50 % the chances of getting the right answer just by guessing. It would make that tool more effective. Even better, why not to give us the choice between 4 and 8 answers?

Hi Lusan,
Unfortunately not, 4 choices is maximum for now. We will keep your suggestion in mind!

If you don’t like ‘multiple choice’ you can use the classic flash cards.
I find the multiple choice with 4 choices ideal for quick reminding of new words and do it almost every morning.

In the 1/4 versus 1/8, I would prefer 1/8. I like very much the multiple choice and I use it every day too. It is that 1/4 since too easy and I wonder if it is effective enough. I also do Anki every day, though I do not include linqq words there necessary, but those that I find in other materials.

I hope soon. It does not take much programming to add one more choice.