Multilingual meeting

Hi to all language enthusiasts !
Do you like travelling, learning languages and discovering new cultures ? Do you want to take part in an intercultural experience with a hundred of young people from around the world ? Around Easter, from April 20 to April 26, the next International Festival of Esperanto will take place near Genoa, Italy, and will be based on a theme of « Travelling Generations » (Internacia Junulara Festivalo de Esperanto 2011 - Itala Esperantista Junularo).

In addition to the rich programme in Esperanto, including courses, excursions, concerts, lectures, night-clubbing and many other activities, a part of the programme will be « Lingvejo » (the place for languages), dedicated to conversational exchanges in Italian, German, French, Spanish and in other widespread or less common languages. The idea is, for each language, to give participants a one-hour conversation each day – natives will assist them by moderating the conversation and correcting mistakes and providing advice. We are looking for participants who are willing to help with their native language(s), so feel free to apply ! However, do note – there are only 30 slots available for Lingvejo!
For more information, click here : (only about Lingvejo) (Festival)

Don’t worry if you don’t know Esperanto yet – during the Festival you’ll have the opportunity to take courses for beginners as well as for advanced learners. However, you should know that Esperanto is so simple that you can easily learn it by yourself. You can visit the two following multilingual websites to get free material and courses :,