Multilingual comedian Sammy Sugar

This must be a super impressive level; native in English / French / Punjabi and Hindi, performs stand-up in each of these languages. The art of stand-up comedy must be like C2 + + as far as spoken ability in language.

Sugar Sammy is my favourite comedian! He made this bilingual show called You’re Gonna Rire, I think it’s an awesome idea! I didn’t find any video of it on YouTube though.

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I thought he was really funny in the english clips I saw; I’ll have to wait to understand whether or not he’s funny in french ; )

He already made a few stand-ups in French, actually!

This one’s very funny, you should also check out Rachid Badouri, he’s one of my favourite comedians, just like Sugar Sammy!

If you don’t understand some references or some parts just ask me :wink:

Well thanks very much for the offer, but at the moment I barely understand any full-speed spoken French… it’ll be a while before stand-up makes any sense to me : )

But it’ very cool to see him switch between english, french and hindi at such a high level. Inspiring.