Multiline textbox for the dashboard please?

Could it be possible to have a multiline textbox (textarea) for the hint textbox in the right panel? I always have problem reading user-hints because the textbox is too small. It would be very appreciated. For example:

1: auxiliary verb indicating passive voice (inc. the “suffering passive”); 2: auxiliary verb indicating the potential form; 3: auxiliary verb indicating spontaneous occurrence; 4: (Honorific or respectful language) auxiliary verb used as an honorific

I think the Notes field actually may work better in cases like this.

One of the biggest reasons we added the Notes field was to allow learners to add more customized notes relating to a term without having to restrict it to the confines of the Hint field. I know the Notes don’t currently show up on Flashcards, though while you’re working your way through lessons this may help. :slight_smile:

Ok I understand. However, the hint textbox is almost always already filled with all the information I need, with 3 or 4 definitions, so I’d have to recopy the text everytime in the note textarea, just to be able to read it. And I refer to that textbox sooooo many times during a lesson, like 200 times. I don’t know if this situation is specific to japanese, but it’s so very useful that people had already put this text there for every words/expression. I suspect those texts comes from the extension Rikaikun or another similar dictionary. It’s kinda sad to have to duplicate every entry when the job is already done.

Regarding the flashcards, It wouldn’t matter to me because I never do flashcards, so I’d be happy with the user notes, if I wouldn’t have to recopy them all.

Ah, I see what you mean.

One thing we do have on our list is the idea to make notes public so they can be shared among users. We would of course have a function to keep notes private as well. We haven’t yet begun on this, but hopefully some day soon!

Regarding the Hint field itself, we’re hesitant to do anything like this as longer hints cause layout issues on the Vocabulary page, in Flashcards and on the apps. However, the issue should be solved when we add the ability to make notes public.

Ok I understand why you would’nt want to permit carriage returns in hints. However maybe the text could just wrap itself in a textarea, without permitting to save any carriage returns?

But if this is still too complicated, I could maybe manage to find a solution on my own with a CSS hack. But I was wondering if it was a common issue among users. I know I noticed that since the begining, 7 months ago.

Thanks for your understanding :slight_smile: We don’t have immediate plans to do this, but will keep it in mind. It seems to only be an issue for users who have really long hints and prefer to study on the lesson page rather than through Flashcards.