Multiline field for hints

I tend to use long hints for my lingqs and it makes the “Manual Mode” less useful to recognize my older yellow words - I only can see the complete Hints in the “Hover Mode”. Could you consider adding a few lines to the hint field (like there are in the phrase fied), so that we could see complete hints in the manual mode?

Hi eugrus,
Thanks a lot for your suggestion. There have already been a few requests like this, so we will definitely keep it in mind!

A couple years ago, the official response was (to this effect): a hint is a hint, not a full dictionary definition.

Personally, it doesn’t matter to me.

There is a certain limitation as to the number of symbols and I am not suggesting to change that. But since this number of symbols happens to take more than the length of one line, I am suggesting to make it so, that the hint could stay completely in view - not just in hover mode, but also in the manual mode.

Once again, thanks for your suggestion, we will keep it in mind, but at this moment we are not going to change anything here.
Our suggestion to you is to remove the phrase and LingQ the words, or if phrase is to long, save it as two separate phrases.
One of the reasons why we don’t think that we need to do anything here is because the sentence is automatically captured anyway as the Phrase when you create LingQ.

I am not talking about the length of what is lingqed. I am talking about how big the hint-field in the manual mode is. Look:

Also you see that the Phrase field and Notes field are expandable, while the Hint field is not, see the difference here:

This is one improvement we’ve been looking into. Thanks for the suggestion!