Multilevel LingQ

The original post is in “open portuguese” I don’t know if I will be able to explain all my points in english.

I was thinking about the business opprtunitys by LingQ and encourage more and more people to participate. Nowadays by LingQ there is only one oportunity to receive points trought our friends, if the friend indicated by you become a basic or higher the you will receive 200 points per month.

My suggestion to become this more funny and more remunarated system is to adopt the multilevel system.

1 - To participate you must be a basic or higher member, basic membrship.
2 - The friends that you indicated, if they become basic or higher, then you earn 150 poits per month.
3 - You will earn point from the friends of your friends, then if your friend indicate new members and they become basic or higher, then your friend will earn 150 points and you 50 points.
4 - If the friend of your friend, invite other new members and they become basic or higher, then he will earn 150 points, your friend 50 points and you 25 points.
5 - If your friend earn 350 points of a conversation class, you will earn 50 points.
6 - If your friend’s friend earn 350 points from one conversation class, your frien will earn 50 points and you 25 points.

It’s possible to think more about this and make more sum operations, by the ay, LingQ will not lose anything and will be able to receive much more users that wants to learn, teach and earn more point$.

An interesting suggestion, tarcnux, but it all starts to get quite complicated. I think it’s simpler to reward you for the actions that you take in recommending your friends and then helping them get started and encouraging them to upgrade.

I think the issue here is how to motivate people to use LingQ, to try to understand how to use it, and how to motivate people to refer their friends.

The 200 points we can earn, every month, from recommending someone who then actually signs up as a paying member, is, in my view incentive enough. If a referee becomes a paying member he can, in turn, refer a friend and earn points. I think moving to multilevel incentives is unnecessarily complicated, and would require building a system for which the returns would be limited. Even the present referral system does not seem to be working very well.

The problem seems to be that even our most enthusiastic members often have trouble persuading others to take the trouble to understand our learning methodology and how the site works.

Think about! I know that is a complicated system, but it’s not so complicated, and the people enjoy when they have fun and money points. Another suggestion, it’s turn us able to give points to another friend, I want to give 10 points to another friend to remember him (her) that they must come back to the studies.

And then, it’s like a game.

But don’t get worried because of it, I was thinking about and wanted to share with you.