Multicultural avatars

It seems like the avatar one has is specific to the language one is studying.

Am I the only one who thinks it would be cool to be able buy wardrobe items from whatever language you’re studying and use them on the same guy? Maybe my guy wants to wear Lederhosen in front of the Shanghai World Financial Center one day.

Probably not going to happen but I just thought I’d throw out my idea.


I would like that. I would love for my Chinese avatar to wear a cowboy hat. And when we’re on the subject of avatars, I would like if there were more Chinese items. None of the hold items are Chinese, and I kind of wish some would be added. Could be a Gaiwan, a Gong, or something to with a dragon. Also, I wish there were more ancient architecture to use in the background. There’s only the great wall, the rest are modern buildings. A multitude of buildings can be chosen, like the Forbidden Palace, the Temple of Heaven, The Summer Palace, and so on. And maybe even a Beijing opera costume for the avatar? Of course, these are all suggestions, and I am by no means in a rush to get this to happen, as I’m sure there are more important things to improve on now.

This is a good idea! I’ll bring it up to the team this week.