Mulitiple translations in Lingq

Is this possible. I am currently learning french. When I see or click on a word, is it possible to see the translation (In the window on the right) first in English but also German for example?

There appears to be three thin translation windows, so the first translation would be in English then in the second the German GT translation.

Thanks in advance!!

Anyone know if this is possible? It would be very useful for me, and maybe others?

Thanks again in advance.

I had both English and German when I was playing around with a Yiddish song so it should be possible. Try pulling down the flag to the right of the translation windows. Also there’s a plus sign on the right side to add additional translations.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve seen two different translations but they’re usually user added hints, no? I’m not really looking to add translations but to have two differing ones (from dictionaries not users) visible when I click the word if you know what I mean?

Aller to go

I’ll have a fiddle about, cheers again for the answer!