Much larger selection of materials in French than Brazilian Portuguese

I have been learning Portuguese for 13 months now. I decided two weeks ago to add French to spice things up. I instantly noticed that French has much more materials on LingQ. I am learning on a budget. Does anyone have some tips about where to find materials for Brazilian Portuguese since it is my main focus. Every time I upload material from YouTube the synchronization is off or the video will not upload.

Hi Mike,

I recommend the following resources:

  1. This guide by LingQ power user Alex:
    Essential Guide To Learning Brazilian Portuguese Using Lingq - Google Docs

  2. Port. com Marcia Macedo:ĂŞscomMarciaMacedoBR/videos

  3. HELP! Brazilian Portuguese listening content?

  4. You’ll also find a lot of audiobooks in Br. Port on YT, e.g. “A Coisa” (It) de Stephen King:
    a) Audiobooks in general:
    b) “A Coisa”:

If you want to import the corresponding e-books into LingQ, just remove the DRM from the Kindle books.

  1. Import the subtitles from Netflix shows (in Br. Port) into LingQ.

  2. BBC News Brasil: Notícias, vídeos, análise e contexto em português - BBC News Brasil

Hope that helps,


I’m also using LingQ for Portuguese, but there appears to be a lot of content from my end. Of course French is probably much more popular and will have more content, but I’m seeing more Portuguese content that I’d ever be able to get through, unless you have very specific interests. When uploading from YouTube, you sometimes have to add your own timestamps so that the audio and the captions synchronise, but you can also import news articles on literally every topic under the sun.

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Thanks for referencing the guide i made! Unfortunately lingq decided to start deleting a lot of the old good courses, which sucks cause there was a lot of good user uploaded stuff there :face_holding_back_tears: and basically cut alot of the stuff i put on the list out. I sent them an email asking what they are doing.

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