[MUCH ADVICE NEEDED] Should I be Hellbent on learning Korean or should I learn some other language?

I have been taking Korean in college for two semesters already.

This upcoming year, I have the option of continuing to 1.) take more advanced Korean or 2.) I can start fresh as a beginner learning some other language I’m interested in, like Persian, Polish or Thai, for example?

For context, I have 3 years of experience learning Korean before I started college and taking more advanced Korean is probably not going to teach me much more actual Korean language technicalities that I don’t know, but rather, will probably expose me to more culture to the point that I am Korea-EXPERT.

However, if I take a different language altogether, I have the opportunity to delve into a completely new culture.

Which path do I Choose, or, which path would you choose given the scenario?

Well, I guess it depends almost entirely on your personal interests and motivations? If you like Korean, then just keep rolling with it. If you want to try something new or more interesting, go for that instead.

(Personally I would drop Korean and take something else. But then again, I’m not you! I wouldn’t have even started Korean in the first place… So each to his own…)

I would personally recommend Polish, but it all depends on you. Korea-EXPERT does not sound that bad tbh.

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Do what language you like. You should be learning a language because you like the people, the place, the native material.

The proper answer here is to continue with Korean – not because of the language, but because your previous knowledge of it will probably ensure that you’ll get good grades in the course and that is the ONLY point of studying a language in an academic setting. (Most people who learn a new language to fluency did not do so in an academic setting.)

And since your grades will be fine, you can spend more energy to study a new language ON YOUR OWN, without having to ask permission from anyone, with a method which will allow you to progress faster than a typical college course.

You have “the opportunity to delve into a completely new culture” every day, freely, for the rest of life.


Very Interesting Response!