Mp3 player

My current mp3 player needs replaced, as the battery only lasts half an hour now.

I’ve always spent 30-80€ on non-brand mp3 players. The problem with all of them so far is that when copying files from my computer, they arrange themselves in weird ways on the mp3 player. Sometimes there is no apparent rhyme or reason to it.

For instance, I moved some Spanish lessons onto my current one recently - lesson one comes first, then it lists lesson 10 down to lesson 2 in reverse order. It’s not sorting by title tag, track tag, date tag, filename or created/modified date. Crazy!

Obviously with lesson files, the order is important. Also, I’d like a dozen hours of (headphone) play before having to recharge. Bearing that in mind, can anyone recommend a good mp3 player up to 100€ (140$)? I don’t like ipod/iphone/iTunes, but anything else will be considered.


I don’t know whether this’ll help, but here is a previous thread about mp3 players:

(I am still v happy with my little Phillips GoVibe)

Thanks for the link to the other thread.

The Phillips GoGear range is on my list of possible purchases.
So, how does it sort the files when you copy them over from the computer?
Does it sort by one of the ID3 tags? By filename? By modified date?

I have also short-listed Samsung and Sony Walkmans. Anyone have experience with those?


If you don’t like iPods etc. then you can go for one of the android mp3 players. That way, you can also download iLingQ when it comes out. Alternatively, the only other type of mp3 I’ve had is the Zen stone. Mine didn’t have a screen or anything, but it still works after all it has been through (washing machine, thrown around and so forth).

The build quality of Creative Zens is pretty impressive. My last one once spent a night in a glass of water with no ill effects.

I have Samsung YP-U5. I am glad of using it. It sorts files by filename, has 5 playlists which are easy to use and its sound is not so bad even with pre-packed headphones.