Moving to next lesson blocked if started in inverted order

I’m going through the Slow Chinese course. There are 175 lessons there, but I decided to start from lesson 1 rather than 175. However, after I’ve finished reading that lesson I noticed I was blocked to move to lesson number 2 and from 2 to 3, which I could only open navigating to them directly from within the course list. However, if I go from lesson 3 to 2 is possible, same as from 175 to 174, so the next button only navigates one direction and is not circular.

Can you please post a link to that course? I’ll take a look and figure out what’s going on. Thanks!

Sure. Login - LingQ
I feel the way it’s been named and the order how the lessons were added may be contradicting each other perhaps.

Thanks, I am looking into this.
Regarding that specific course, it was imported in reverse order by a user who added it seems, so the lesson #175 is the oldest one, and #1 is the newest.
So basically, lesson #1 is the last one in the course, and that is why you can’t open the next lesson. Also, lesson #2 goes after #3 and so on.

Hope this explains it a bit.