Movies with proper Russian subtitles?

I discovered a vein of free Russian movies/series on YouTube like this one:
There are maybe two dozen others uploaded by a handful of accounts, but none of these films have an actual subtitle track on YouTube, so the LingQ importer has to use the auto-generated subtitles. The auto-generated subtitles have issues that make them hard to read for a learner (no punctuation, dialog from two different characters appearing as one sentence, etc). It’s not the end of the world and I can definitely still learn new words if nothing else, but I wanted to ask if anyone is aware of any films online with actual subtitle tracks. Thanks!


If you are interested in soap operas there is this:

TONS like hundreds of subtitled episodes.

I like the blind grandmother one, kind of kitchy but the plot is usually easy to follow which makes it easier to pick up the vocabulary.

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These two YT channels offer classical Soviet films and series. The most popular ones tend to include subtitles in several languages and sometimes in original Russian:
Киноконцерн “Мосфильм”

Одесская Киностудия

Examples of well-known films with hand-written Russian subtitles:

Oh thank you- I did not expect Russian soap operas to be so intense lol

Wow these are great- thanks so much

They seem very similar to Mexican telenovelas. Which is really cool because they helped me learn Spanish when I did it a long time ago. The beautiful thing about telenovelas and soap operas is the vocab tends to not be too too advanced so it counts as high beginner/low intermediate which is perfect for just a month or two before the netflix/movie stage IMO.

Russians have this concept of душевный фильм or душевный сериал, which refers to that kind of wildly emotional and dramatic stories

Star Media has several Russian movies with Russian subtitles:

I watched this movie: “Dreams in Plastiline”, “Мечты из Пластилина”:

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Free site and it reminds me of Lingq but only for Russian.