Move to next lesson no longer available?

Recently, when a lesson in a course has finished, I haven’t been able to move to the next lesson. I just get a message saying ‘Lesson complete’ and ‘You may be interested’. I have to go back to the course and then scroll all the way down the list to find the next lesson. So I went back to earlier lessons in the course to see if the same thing happens with those, and it does say ‘Next Lesson’, however the next lesson is one which is about 50 lessons further on. It never used to do that. Can someone help or explain what’s going on and why it no longer works as it did?

It works. Maybe you just missed it:)

The option is still there, are you not seeing it when you complete a lesson?

No, I’m not seeing it. I’ve included a photo from my phone, which just says ‘Start New Lesson’ but at least it takes to me the list of lessons and it shows the last one I read. My iPad shows exactly the same as my phone, but it’s different on my laptop, which is more complicated and cumbersome. The image is in another comment below.

I can see the lessons are all there but it just doesn’t let me go to the next one.

No, I don’t get that option.

Below is what I see on my laptop. I get recommended lessons to go to, but not offered the next lesson in the series. I have also checked other lessons where it did work properly and some work as they should but others no longer do. They only gives me the option to go to ‘You may be interested’.

I haven’t seen it in ages. I don’t see the end screen with but I’m OK with that. PC, firefox.

Are there any update on this?

I asked our team what is the status here and will post update when I hear back.

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