Move location of Youtube screen

I can move the thumbnail screen for youtube but not the larger version. It is planted in the middle of my text. Is it possible to move? I would watch with Youtube in a separate window and read along in LingQ in its own window but its just so convenient to use the space bar to continue to stop and play the video without alternating windows.

Also, Ive noticed that as i am lingqing and toggling the play/stop of the video with the apce bar , the audio controller becomes the default player. This is not what i want as i like to watch the video in the thumbnail as i quickly consume the content and lingq freely. I want to use the spacebar to toggle the video player not the audio player. The audio player is unfortunately not linked to the video player so the audio starts but the video stays paused.

with firefox you can. There is a button that lets the screen pop out and be movable from within lingq

Thanks, we will look into that and see what we can do.
Regarding the YT, as @tom12345 mentioned, it can be done on Firefox browser.