Mouse scroll over malfunction

I can no longer scroll over a word for a definition. When I click on a word, a red outline appears, but no definition. I run on Linux, but have never had this problem before. Any hints?

Hmm, do you see a dashboard on the right hand side of the page? When you click on a word, the dashboard should change to show the blue widget. Which browser are you using?

When I don’t know a word this doesn’t happen, but I just played around a bit and when I already know a word and then rehighlight it, then the blue widget appears with the definition. When I click on a word that is still highlighted in blue (ie. I don’t know it), the screen scrolls up or down in such a way that it seems like this widget is trying to activate, but doesn’t. I’m using Firefox btw.

If you want to scroll over a word for the definition you need to minimize the screen. This is done by clicking on the minus symbol at the extreme top right hand corner of your screen.

Otherwise, the scroll over will not show the meaning of the word. Instead the LingQ box with the meaning opens up in the right hand information pane.

When you click on a word, the screen will adjust to centre the word in the screen. If you don’t want this to happen you have to untick “auto-scroll” at the top of the lesson text.

I hope this helps.

It does, thanks so much!
A great example of the KISS rule:
Keep It Simple Stupid!

Just thought that it could be of some help to say that I was wondering about the scrolling over words to get hints/meanings function. That’s because I saw this on the introduction video (I just joined a few days ago).

I prefer the minimized screen over the dashboard view because it allows me to rapidly go over the words. Thank you for this!