Motivation Letter

Hi everyone, I want to study abroad and I have already chosen the country and university. To complete my application I need to send a Motivation letter and I’m struggling with it. So, can anyone here help me write a good letter?


Hello, I study abroad at university in the UK, could help you with the motivation letter!

That would be great, how can we get to work? Skype? or maybe contact me on my instagram: bythewaythyago

I’m trying to write this letter right now, too. Psychology plays a very important role in the teaching process. As for the question of writing a motivational letter, so itself. At Psychology Essay Samples | Get Access To Psychology College Essay Examples I found useful information in general about psychology and psychological techniques that help to compose a motivational letter so that you will be accepted.

Hello thy.diass, if you are looking for a service that can help you with writing, then I can advise you one service that I used myself, ordered a term paper last year, I think these guys to help you, all the best)

I’m happy to help you improve the wording and tone of it after you have a draft to make it sound more native English :slight_smile: