Most Popular Language On LingQ

Does anyone know what the most popular language on LingQ is?

Gotta be English…?

Everyone seems to be learning Russian or Ukrainian these days… (judging from recent Youtube videos of “polyglots” and the Exchange page of Activity Scores) :stuck_out_tongue:

I am learning English now.
If motivation will be good on next year, I will start some one of Scandinavian language.
By the way, Russian I all ready know. :slight_smile:

The answer is very simple, just visit a page 1000 Word Challenge for English
The last tab allows to choose languages. We may see how popular every language was among new users.
37710 English
7840 German
7393 French
7001 Spanish
4556 Japanese
2474 Italian
2470 Russian
2085 Chinese
1509 Swedish
1490 Korean
1323 Portuguese
834 Dutch
487 Polish
337 Arabic
258 Turkish
162 Norwegian
152 Greek
137 Romanian
118 Czech
107 Hebrew
105 Finnish
103 Latin
98 Esperanto
36 Ukrainian


Thank you Ress!

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Wow, Ukrainian in last place. Whats the deal? English, French, Spanish, and German in the lead seems about right.

Who did you think could take the last place?

I thought for sure it would be dutch, followed by latin or Hebrew.

Ress, and how can I check how many lessons are there in total per language on Lingq?

I can imagine how to calculate the number of lessons in the languages which does not have a lot of lessons like beta languages. It was possible to make the calculations in Esperanto using MS Excel and manual copy/paste.
I have already done it preveously with Polish to prove it has enough content.

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I also don’t quite understand the usage of Russian in Ukraine and Belarus
30 millions people speak Ukrainian in the country, but I also read that In any of the big cities everyone will understand Russian, and others said that Russian and Ukrainian’s can have a back and forth conversation in their own languages and understand each other. If you can just get along in those countries speaking Russian I can see why their isn’t much incentive to learn Ukrainian or Belarusian. However, that still doesn’t explain why Dutch isn’t in Last place, I still thought Ukrainian would beat Dutch.

i have been in ukraine , everybody speaks Russian because of the cultural influence. But in order to understand Ukraininan culture deeply you have to learn the language. It is a closed society , a lot of them even don’t want to speak Russian .

Maybe Dutch is ahead of Ukrainian because most people who want to learn Ukrainian learn Russian first instead because of “usefulness and cultural similarity” reasons?
Ukrainian only became a language on Lingq after the Crimean conflict. I don’t know how far back Ress’s link goes but in the case that it dates back before 2014, then maybe the Ukrainian learner amounts will slowly catch up. We just need to wait for our Russian learners to make the transition. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, Dutch might appeal more to people who know English/German because of language similarity. Although it could go the other way around considering how the main force pushing me away from learning Dutch right now is that I hear things like “if you don’t speak Dutch fluently they’ll just go straight to English with you.”


37710 English 47,86%
7840 German 9,95%
7393 French 9,38%
7001 Spanish 8,89%
4556 Japanese 5,78%
2474 Italian 3,14%
2470 Russian 3,14%
2085 Chinese 2,65%
1509 Swedish 1,92%
1490 Korean 1,89%
1323 Portuguese 1,68%
834 Dutch 1,06%
487 Polish 0,62%
337 Arabic 0,43%
258 Turkish 0,33%
162 Norwegian 0,21%
152 Greek 0,19%
137 Romanian 0,17%
118 Czech 0,15%
107 Hebrew 0,14%
105 Finnish 0,13%
103 Latin 0,13%
98 Esperanto 0,12%
36 Ukrainian 0,05%


Once I thought that it supposed to be a good idea to learn Dutch after German. However, the similarity doesn’t help, on the contrary, it causes the “washforward effect”. I couldn’t remember the correct form of the words or pronounce the words properly.

Maybe not dutch, but Swedish/Norwegian/Danish are really easy of you know german and english. Most of the words are very similar to one of those two.

Also, most germans (not all) are happy to talk german with you even if you don’t speak well, whereas most dutch will switch to english if your dutch isn’t good.

I have to give credit to Ress for learning the two least popular languages on Lingq! I have had my eye on learning Finnish because it’s so weird and different… but Everyone in Finland speaks english so it seems like a waste of time.

Wow Ress, thank you so much for those statistics! I have to say, they surprise me somewhat.