Most of the imported books are missing different parts

The thing is - I read a lot of books using the app/site, but most of the books, if not all, are imported incorrectly. Sometimes they are missing a sentence, a paragraph, a page, or even a few. It’s highly inconvenient to read a book on lingq, then to open it on a computer to read a missing part. It spoils the whole reading experience. Can the programmers do something with it? If am not mistaken I’m not the only one complaining. PS the books themselves are okay, I can open them with iBooks with no parts missing

Are you importing a books in .epub format? We had some issues and missing parts with that format, but that issue should be fixed. Please let me know, and if needed we will look into it again.
In the meantime, using any online converted and changing the format to PDF will solve the problem.

Yes, I was importing in .epub format. Converting to .pdf solved my problem. Thanks! Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be much more convenient to notify the users in advance? I mean, some language learners when reading a difficult book are concentrating on the vocabulary, and in some cases they are not able to understand whether a paragraph or a sentence is missing, so they continue to read the book, which is not “complete”. Wouldn’t it be wiser to notify the user uploading a .epub, that some parts of it may be missing and that if so “you can follow our guide how to convert a book into .pdf”.

Actually we did fixed the issue with .epub files a while ago, and we weren’t aware the issue is back. Sorry about that. We will look into it again.