Most Frequently Used Words

Can I please get some clarity on how the most commonly used words are chosen at Lingq (Mandarin Chinese)? So I understand the 4-coin words are the most common, but I’m interested to know whether they’re the most common 500, 1000, 2000 etc? Likewise with the 3-coin and 2-coin words.
Also how were the most common words ranked? Like was it through that SUBTLEX-CH TV and Movie subtitle list? This seems to be the most useful ranking as it’s probably as close as possible to the word frequency of spoken Chinese, rather than written Chinese. I ask this because I’m tagging all my 4-coin words that come up and prioritising revising them but lots of them seem to be more commonly written than spoken/more formal. In other words they seem to be outside at least the most common 1000 spoken words (like 将 which seems to be a more formal 会 and 如何 which seems to be a more written/formal way of expressing ‘how’). I understand this is a bit pointless to be pedantic about because I’ll hopefully be learning them all in upcoming months anyway but I’m interested.

Our words importance indicators are based on the frequency of these words in our libraries.

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter. You will learn the most important words first anyways, just by reading.