More words = slower?

Will site responsiveness in a given language be slower as one knows more words in that language? I.e, as the site has more data to keep track of for that user/language pair?

@creimann - Typically not, what can be slower is if you have a very long lesson to open up which has to be compared against your database of words.

@mark I feel like it gets slower as I create or edit more lingqs during a session. However, once I refresh the lesson page it becomes faster for the time being until I create another couple of dozens of lingqs.
Some non-closing descriptors in memory because of the unoptimized javascript or I don’t know what else…

I import almost 10,000 word chapters of novels (the limit is 10,000 words, I believe) and I don’t get any problems. This is with my prehistoric era modem.

Since it has to do with JavaScript, it’s more about computer performance.

Okay, thanks for the feedback on that. :slight_smile: