More videos in our lessons

I just checked out Reinhard’s new German lesson on Vienna, and it had a great video to go with it. The video need not explain the lesson. It just adds a little colour and emotion. Reinhard’s lesson and video are great. I hope we see more of this.

I tray this link!

(your link was the reader-link) :wink:

If you scroll down to the bottom there is the link which you can share.

What are the copyright restrictions for Lingq regarding embedded videos from youtube? I like watching videos of Detective Conan , a Japanese cartoon, through youtube in Japanese. Subs in English have been added by fans but I would find it really helpful if perhaps members of the Japanese Lingq community could provide a Japanese transcript on Lingq. Similarly I could provide English (my native language) transcripts to other programmes.
I imagine that plenty of the stuff on youtube possibly infringes copyright but if videos are run through their site is it their problem and not Lingq’s? Therefore is anything from Youtube shareable on lingq?

@actionhank - I do not know the exact copyright restrictions but I think it’s safe to assume that anything on Youtube that is publicly available can be added to and shown on LingQ. Presumably anything that is copyright protected on Youtube will eventually get taken down at which time it will also stop working on LingQ since we are just showing the videos from Youtube. So, if you think a video is copyrighted, it may not be worth investing the time in transcripts etc… if it is likely to get taken down in the future. Otherwise, I think this is a great idea!

Just a quick question: do unlisted youtube videos* work in LingQ’s resource tab?

  • those that can be watched only by knowing their web address

You can try it out. I think only public videos will work.

I did a transcript for part of an episode of the spiderman cartoon from the 90s. Its unshareable though unless audio is added. As the transcript relates to the video I didn’t have any relevatn audiop so added a Lingq track from a Japanese lesson as a work around. That ok? Ideally lessons would be shareable with video or audio.

For some reason when I post the above link it keep s chopping it up!


I would like to see and hear the video.
Please can you put the link?
only the transcript without audio is not a Lingq. lesson.:frowning:
we need the audio;-)
listening is soooooooooo important.

Hello Jolanda

I don’t think I attached the Youtube link properly. The youtube video of Spiderman should show up in the “Resources” box next to the lesson transcript. This should allow you to watch and listen to the cartoon while checking the text. The audio accompanies the video on youtube so there isn’t a corresponding, separate audio file attached. The audio file on there is from a different LingQ lesson and I only attached it as shared lessons need an audio file for them to be shared.

I hope it works properly and you enjoy using it. Please let me know if it works ok.


hi, i am looking for lessons with videos for German learning. I cannot find them at all… I mean the same video as text and audio. Could you point me to the right direction? thanks

Es gibt insgesamt ungevehr 60 videos in der deutschen Bibliothek bei LingQ. Man kann die Lektionen auf dieser Seite (mit den Checkboxen New, Taken, Videos) finden: