More than one example phrase on a LingQ?

Just a random thought that bounced through my head just now…
I would like to be able to save more than one example phrase for a word. Up to ten for really tricky ones maybe. Of course you couldn’t show them all on the flashcard, but maybe a button saying “see more phrases”.
One for your “one day…” list maybe?


You can click on Examples in the LingQ widget to see all phrases in your own files and in the Library. You can then cut and paste additional phrases to your LingQ widtet or change the one you have.

Ooh…I like that! Does it include examples from my archived lessons too?

…because I’ve got most of Dracula in my Russian archive now, and there’s some weird and wonderful phrases in that :wink:

Try it out, and if it does not just unarchive it. Sorry I do not know and Mark is away.

I think it must look in your lesson archive too, because it’s giving me examples from the Lord of the Rings too, and they aren’t on my active lessons :smiley: