More than one blog

Just wondering if the profile can support referencing more than one blog. I tried combining all my blogs into something that spits out one rss, but it does not work.

Any possible workaround?


The profile can only support one blog at the moment. We have no plans to enable it to reference more than one. About the only thing I can think of is to link to your other blog posts from your main blog.

I added my blogs to a single Google reader folder and made it public. It provides an RSS that looks like one from a typical blog.

I would imagine that the public Google folder page would be very similar to a blog. But somehow it doesn’t work. Any idea?

I really don’t know what to tell you Edwin…I’m not familiar with Google readers feeds but if it isn’t displaying, then it must not be compatible. You may also have to wait for a refresh since the feed reader on our site only refreshes once an hour, I believe.