More Russian content?

This is specific but I’d figure I’d at least ask.

I’m into cars a lot, science (I study chemistry at a university), and I like to exercise at the gym (weight lifting) and I was wondering where I could go to find content?

большое спасибо

I don’t know your level but I hope this helps. Gym: YouGifted Russia on youtube // Cars, Science: instagram pages: facts_uz infa_soto4ka citaty_men // VKontakte: like pages about cars and science on VK and import the texts. Just follow the links and related pages of all of these and there should be something suitable.

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http://мышцы.рф и FitStars - YouTube, да.
И вот ещё интересный канал о силовом спорте и единоборствах: БАДЮК - YouTube

Thank you. Him and I share the same philosophy on martial arts.