More method at the same time?

Hi all!

What do you think about using more than one language course at the same time?
I started with pimsleur yesterday and I am thinking about catching up with assimil also. I learn spanish .
Or should I finish first pimsleur in the next 2-3 month and then start other course?

Using Assimil at the same time wouldn’t pose any major problems, as long as you have stamina to do both.

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Sometimes it’s difficult to find a single good text, so using two texts can help to fill in the blanks in the earlier stages of learning a language.

Thank you very much, I will start soon with assimil.

offtopic: I see few posts in the actual threads than it shown in the thread list. why is that? This applies for all threads. Here for example I see only 3 posts (besides this one) but the thread list says there are 7 posts here.

The thread list shows the number of openings of your thread, not the numbers of the posts about your thread.
People would like to understand if this thread was interesting for them or not.
If not, they don’t post.
What about your tread: I believe we can try different methods to study the target language to understand what of them would be better for us.
But I don’r recommend to start at the same time different languages, it’s too difficult and takes a lot of time.
However, you can improve several languages at the same time if you are in the intermediate level in each of them.

“The thread list shows the number of openings of your thread”
the “views” column show this ^^

But I am talking about the “posts” columns

Thanks for sharing your experince!