More fonts for non-latin scripts

I’ve noticed that whenever I read Arabic text outside of LingQ I have a hard time recognizing words that I already know. I think it might be due to me learning words as a “shape” and not as a combination of letters. This is normal I suppose, but I would like to get better at reading Arabic in various styles.
The font that lingq is using is the most current one for Arabic, but there are others that are much more stylized that I sometimes stumble upon on the net, and then on the other end of the scale we have fonts that ressembles handwritten arabic.
It could be cool to be able to switch between a few different fonts on the lingq app in order to be able to better learn words in whichever way they’re written… I’ve heard some nightmare stories about Russian cursive too, so it might be useful with Cyrillic too!

Just a thoughts!

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Arabic is something of an exception in that it is all cursive. For other scripts such as Cyrillic I would consider it out of scope for Lingq. But what do I know, it might be useful. I am happy just to be able to be able to choose a serif font that makes it easier to visually distinguish between п and л. If I were to get seriously into Arabic, I would just want a font that is large enough for me to be able to see those d*mn dots and teeth.

Well, sounds like Steve just ran into the problem in Hebrew, so maybe there’s hope. One thing I noticed on twitter was the picture of a book cover with the title in blocky letters and then the hashtag in standard printing. Just looking back and forth helped, but it would be nice to practice it on a larger scale.
And really, when one starts travelling, it truly begins to be useful.

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