More convenient search options for Conversations please

Recently a lot of new tutors have appeared on LingQ. Firstly, I think it is great to have more tutors. The greater the choice, the better. But I feel that there are some problems now that cause me some concern.

The list of tutors is very long now. There are a lot of non-native speakers offering English conversations. That makes it difficult to keep track of the native speakers in the drop-down list. I can see the native language if I hover over the profile picture. I think it would be more convenient if I could select a list of those tutors who are native speakers.

To see if a tutor offers time slots that suit me I have to click on every single day. This is very inconvenient. It takes me a lot of time to check the time tables.

Maybe there are more ideas how to improve the speaking page?

Vera, we will be adding a filter by native language and country soon to the Speak page. The filtering by times is more difficult because of the time zone issues but is something we will be looking at in the future.