More Context?

Sometimes those very useful contest phrases are super long, like I’ve gotten full thirty-word sentences (which is fine), but sometimes they’re only five or so words cut off with ellipses and you get only part of the meaning of the sentence.
In addition, several of the phrases/words I saved yesterday on my phone randomly don’t have any context at all! This one for “acaso” is “Si acaso una botella de agua, y una torta de jamón” which is okay, but then from the very same source I LingQed the phrase “viene desde que” and it gives me just that, no surrounding words at all.
Since I recently moved my flashcards to Anki and there seems to be no way to import the cloze deletion form of the card, that little phrase is my only source of context when I’m doing flashcards. (I do reread and listen again to things, but not as often as I’ll see the words reviewing.) It really helps me to have the sentence stuck in my head along with the word, and for it to trigger my memory of the person’s voice saying it (as well as to help me understand the word/phrase itself), the more of the sentence I can read every time, the better. It seems strange that, for instance, it would automatically cut Pero, lamentablemente no es tan fácil como subir y darles un tip sencillo, ¿no? to just Pero, lamentablemente no es tan fácil…
Is there a way to change the settings so it saves the full sentence (or whatever would appear in Sentence Mode) or at least so it always saves something? Flashcards, especially about grammar, are significantly less useful when there is absolutely no way for me to access the context, and I feel like I’m wasting time reviewing them bc I don’t memorize well without context.