More comments on the iPad app (sigh)

So I have just been using the iPad app to read some news articles. I find the app really good for such activities, even if I can’t use it to read longer things like books. I have a few comments about how things are setup.

I am glad to see that the dictionary window was made much bigger. This was one of my earlier suggestions and it is a big improvement. One thing that bugs me about creating LingQs is that in order to create a LingQ, the hint field must have at least one character in it. This is contradictory to the website, where one can make LingQs with completely blank hints. I often leave the hints blank when I can’t easily find the definition of the word and decide to just mark the words as a LingQ and move on. On the app, I need to go into the hint field and add a blank space to do this. It would be better if one could just save the LingQ without having to enter a hint.

It seems that the little cross next to the hint in a yellow word (on that annoying bar that slowly comes out and covers the text) does not work. I cannot add additional hints to LingQs that are already created. For example, I mean the cross next to ‘rabbit farmer’ in this screenshot

Also, there appears to be no way to search the dictionary for an already created LingQ. Notice in the above screenshot how much free space there is under ‘+Tag’. A small ‘Search Dictionary’ button would be useful.

Finally, I think that when a LingQ is changed to status 4, the word-covering hint bar should automatically disappear, just like what happens on the website when the little bubble covers the text.

Thanks for your feedback on the app. We’re about to push a new version that fixes some of the existing issues. In the new version the “+” button should be working again, which will allow you to add an additional hint and also search the dictionary for this word by bringing up the blue popup for that word.

On the status, it took me a bit to figure out exactly what you meant. When browsing the website from a mobile device, the yellow popup disappears whenever you change the status. It probably makes sense to do this as well on the mobile apps, so we’ll see if we can slot this in somewhere.

Ok, I am looking forward to the new update. Here are two more issues.

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of a lesson that still has blue words in it such that you can see the ‘Move All Blue Words to Known’ button, then change the status on a LingQ. Notice that the screen jumps up a little such that the button is now below the bottom of the screen. This is a small issue, but it is annoying and it looks like a bug.

Go to create a LingQ from a blue word using the ‘Check Dictionary’ option. In the box that opens up where you can see the dictionary and type your hint, there are buttons for the LingQ status, i.e. ‘1 2 3 4 tick X’. These buttons do not work. No matter what status you set the LingQ to when you create it, it will always be created as status 1. There is no reason for these buttons not to work.

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please let me know, when the update will work!

Good catch on these two, I’ve added them both to our list and we’ll look at getting them resolved in the next version.