More comments on the iOS app

So I have recently been using the iOS app a lot for studying Russian lessons. Although it still has a lot of bugs, the last update killed the most annoying one, so I find the app to be usable now, even though using it is still quite a struggle. I posted a comment in another thread a few days ago explaining some of the more annoying bugs that the iOS app has. I figured it would be good to reproduce the information here with some additional comments for annoying things. I post below a list of issues that I have with the iOS app, and include only what I think are bugs and not the few design flaws that I have posted about a few times in the past.

  • Changing the status of a LingQ on the app for the iPad appears not to work properly. Everytime I do it, the highlighting changes immediately in response. but then a few second later it will change back. The status is actually changed but I need to refresh the lesson for it will look correct.

  • The same is true of LingQing phrases. When I LingQ a phrase, I don’t usually then see the phrase LingQed in the lesson, but first have to refresh the lesson. Sometimes it does work, but this is very rare and only seems to happen straight after opening a lesson.

  • There is another annoying problem with LingQing phrases. Very often, when I select a phrase, I simply don’t get the “Add LingQ” option appearing. All I get is the “Copy” option. This happens for maybe half of the phrases that I want to LingQ so it is quite a serious problem.

  • It appears that whenever I create a LingQ, in order for it to work, the text on the screen has to refresh. For very short texts, it seems that this happens too quickly to notice, but for longer texts (and these days I only read longer texts), this takes quite a long time. The text noticeably disappears from the screen and then reappears half a second later. Often, I will have to wait a few seconds after the LingQ has been created for this to happen, and before it does, I can basically do nothing but wait. This to me is a worrying bug because it might point to something of a design flaw in how the app works, but I don’t know the inner workings of the app, so I don’t know.

That is the list of issues that I can currently think about. If any more catch my eye, or if I remember something that I missed, I will post it here.

Hi ColinJohnstone, we’re working on some of the issues you mentioned already and the rest we’ll look into. Thanks for letting us know!