More Cloze and Multiple Choice?

There seems to be only one Cloze or Multiple Choice session available at a given time. Is it possible to do several different sessions in one hour, and can we choose the lesson vocabulary we want to study? It is frustrating as I keep having words from past lessons, and not the new ones I want to learn.
Sorry if this question has been posted before
Thanks for your help

@Zahra15 - Certainly, all the vocabulary tests are actually based on the list of words you are actively viewing. If you want to just study words from a specific lesson, open up that lesson then click on the yellow LingQs button at the top of the dashboard and select one of the tests. You can also access your LingQs of the Day lists by going to the Vocabulary page then clicking the dropdown arrow next to “Due for Review (SRS)”.

Let us know if you have any additional questions about this.

very helpful, thank you