More annoying LingQ bugs

As of today I’ve noticed that Lingq is now recognizing any words that are next to punctuation as a new word. So for example even though the word Como is a white word, "Como is now blue. Also all numbers are now showing up as blue unknown words :frowning:
I’ve loved Lingq since I started using it January 12th 2016 but all of the random bugs and server outages are probably going to send me elsewhere in the near future. Shame.

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I’ve been using LingQ for many years, during which time many, many improvements have been made to the site.

I also have found bugs. Almost always they get fixed quickly once attention is drawn to them by users. For the blue numbers, I just press the ‘x’ key. This makes the blue go away. I haven’t yet notice the blue word next to a punctuation mark, I have, however, found a ‘©’ that would not go away with the ‘x’ key, I had to mark it as known instead. Not a big problem, I find, compared to the general true usefulness of this site, especially for those of us learning more than one language. The site is very flexible, allowing you to import your own text from any web source, with or without sound. You can even import whole books.

As well, I find some features annoying, such as the small width of the lesson text in quicklink mode – a result of the coloured margins and the very wide space for the section on the right hand side of the lesson text, and the automatic splitting of large texts. As this site is used by learners at all levels, I have learned to put up with these features if the developers reason that they help a larger number of users.

Actually, I am writing here about the bookmarklet. I have been unable to get it to work recently. Does anyone else have this problem?

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Yes, sadly import functionality is totally broken. Good thing is previously imported texts are still shown ok.

I’m still not receiving my daily LingQ’s to review. Last I received was on May 13. Yesterday the total vocabulary showed as 96 words, today 79.

Nice update. Being able to add hints for numbers is great. With Russian I’ve started opening a list of Russian numbers in a tab and copying and pasting how the numbers are written. I plan to start doing that in German too. Yeah I noticed words next to punctuation are considered new also. That will need to be fixed. Keep up the good work Lingq team.

And now (actually a few hours ago) I’m finding the same thing, with previously white words next to punctuation turning blue. My example is noch.« in German this came up as a new word. A few hours later I opened the same lesson again, and the problem had disappeared. The punctuation marks are no longer causing the word next to them to go blue, so I’m guessing that someone has fixed this problem. Well done!

O.k. known words next to punctuation are no longer blue. Well done. Listen having the ability to give ourselves hints for numerals would be ideal. The bug allowed us to. Anyone agree? Would hovering over a numeral and having the number written in the language your studying be useful?

Yes, that issue is now fixed. Thanks for confirmation that it works properly!