More and more bugs

  • when you enter the profile, nothing appears.
  • import errors: it takes a long time to import, and often imports without splitting the audio
  • so far the error in reading and listening stats has not been corrected correctly
    Please, fix these errors.
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Can you please give us more information about the issues you reported here. What happens when you try to open the profile page? Are you using website version?

Hello. I’m having pretty much the same problems, regarding the imports.

I’ve tried to import videos from youtube yesterday and the audio still loading. When I open the lesson, it shows the text, the video, but not the audio, and it keeps loading.

Another issue related to this, is because the lesson is still loading, i cannot edit the lesson, so if I want to download the audio from youtube and import in the lesson (and sort of solve the problem I was having) i can’t do that.

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@igorguerreiro Did you import lesson through app or web browser?

Yes, all goes blank.

Another bug, my lessons have a maximum of 9 minutes of audio, I’m having to edit the audio in Audacity.
Link of the course: Login - LingQ (private)

cant add previously studied content to active playlist without it remaining at zero. Also when you listen to something it gives a random number not a solid 1 or 2 etc. Mine are like 2:87…random

@lorena.lingq We will push a fix for soon. Thanks for reporting the problem.

The bug has been fixed, but when I click the “today” or “last week” button, the button appears at the bottom of my page.

I’m also having the issue of the audio from YouTube videos not working.