There is a picture. On my profile page. Staring at me. Gasp!–it’s an escaped demon cow!

Blooper with trying to upload the photo! Can anyone tell me please how to get it off??

I think it is nice…

Honestly, it would be, were there not a solid layer of static at the top. :slight_smile: Either I need to get rid of it (which I don’t know how to do), or I need to replace it (also don’t know how to do). Suggestions, please???

I am not an expert on this, but it might have to do with the fact that the picture was too small. I will let someone more expert advise you. You will simply have to do it again once you get some good advice. But I like the icon…and dooo does, because he sounds like he can communicate very well with your icon.

yes, your image must be larger than 80 pixels high I believe or 120 pixels. I can’t remember which. See which size fills the whole cropper window.

Are you by chance related to “La vache qui rit”?

The People have spoken. Keep the cow!

I think your cow is cute!

@dooo Maybe, I just like the cheese, man;)

&thnx for all support for the cow:D

Commit to the Cow !!!