Monthly reports

The feature that show tutors which monthly reports should be done doesn’t work for months now.

Is there a chance to get this back?

Also I cannot sent reports from the Student’s page.

Another problem is that with every writing submission the tutor changes. This is not obvious for the students. So sometimes appears a student on my student list, and I never got an email that he is a new student of mine. I think PLUS and PREMIUM members will not get reports regularly because tutors didn’t recognized that they have to do it.

Is there a timeline for a solution?

We are actually going to be phasing out the monthly reports. We are going to be bringing in automated weekly reports. We have determined that monthly reports are more or less redundant once you are receiving writing and conversation reports. We hope to make this change sometime in the next month. In the meantime, you will just have to make do as best you can. We realize there are issues. Sorry about that.