Mongolian Would Be a Valuable Addition To LingQ

While I have just joined LingQ I really like the set up here.

I learned mandarin the old fashioned way and that took years of actually living in China to get some mastery.

LingQ seems like a much better approach to learning a language.

My wife is Mongolian, we actually met in China at university. I have been trying to learn Mongolian for about a decade, via all sorts of books and even some online tutoring, but it is very difficult to learn because there are just not many resources out there.

While Mongolian may not be the most popular language to learn. If LingQ would offer this language they would be able to corner the market because there really aren’t any other good language programs out there for Mongolian.

If you need people to read, translate, or whatever for LingQ I can definitely set you up with people in Mongolia. God, if need be I will partially fund it.


Would be interested

Same thing applies with languages such as vietnamese or thai tbh. That would be pretty cool.


Vietnamese is on the waiting list, they already have everything recorded. IDK about thai though