Money Monster

I watched Money Monster in a theater this evening. There were several unnecessary scenes, but I was able to spend about two hours of relatively satisfying time watching the movie. I wanted to hear Julia Roberts speak more lines in English.

“Foster films the script and presses the actors into it, shaping and planing and sanding their contours to a jigsaw-puzzle fit that displays their identities on a flat surface and suggests no greater depths.”
“Foster’s direction is neither subjective nor objective; it neither specifies the way that things look from the characters’ point of view nor the way that they look from Foster’s standpoint.”
Jodie Foster’s Boring and Exciting “Money Monster” Jodie Foster’s Boring and Exciting “Money Monster” | The New Yorker via @tnyfrontrow

This movie was better than two boring Harry Potter movies that I had seen a long time ago. I felt something is missing in the film. This might be related to the things the above comment refers to.